List Builder

ListBuilder is a customer engaging, end-to-end information capture and reward solution to help you obtain your validated and verified customer contacts for your targeted mobile engagement promotions
What access do you have to your mobile customer?

Build your mobile access contact platform – reward your customers
Validated and verified as real contact data, a truly valuable asset for marketing
High impact delivery, your brand in their hand, first step to a mobile customer profiled relationship

Capture new verified mobile contacts

By offering your customers a mobile-delivered sign-up incentive, ListBuilder captures the verified mobile contacts you need to start your mobile engagement & marketing journey.

Reduce checkout abandonment

Never lose a customer to checkout abandonment with ListBuilder, installed as an inactivity or abandonment-intent initiated popup.

Omni-channel data capture & customer experience

ListBuilder implemented in store provides a way to engage your in-store customers through a mobile incentive; delivering a digital in-store experience

Easy to get up and going

We host all of the technical stuff and simply provide you the code to embed on your site. We validate the purchasers by our proprietary Multi Dimension Authentication (MDA™ ) Engine: Mobile number, Fraud check, Validate email and Social profile.

If you want more information on how easy it is to start your mobile engagement journey, then contact us now and we will show you how