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No doubt you’ve heard stories about or even experienced yourself long drawn out design and development processes. Yuk! There’s two really exciting times in planning a website 1 the decision to do it and 2 the launch. Spread those out too far and the excitement quickly wanes so here’s our process;


nimbleweb-1_100pxHome Page Design

Back to you in 7 working days for you to review, critique and tweak.


nimbleweb-2_100pxInner Page Design

On acceptance of the final home page we’ll now design all inner pages within another 7 working days and go through the same review process.


nimbleweb-3_100pxContent Insertion

This could’ve also happened in the previous step if it was ready but if not, this step can take as little as 1 working day.



So if everything comes together we can be designed, developed and launched within a couple of weeks not months.


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