Web Hosting

Need a spot to host your new website? Purchasing a hosting package through us makes everything so easy especially when it comes to loading up your new website and getting you live and loud on the www

Here at Nimbleweb we are resellers for a 100% Australian owned hosting company that is heavily focused on supplying the best quality product and service to the Australian market.

Prior to becoming a reseller for this provider, we tested their performance and compared it with other hosting providers who provided the same products and found that we consistently returned faster page loading speeds and better customer service.

Whether you need quite basic web hosting for a simple brochureware site or a higher capacity solution for your eCommerce shopping cart website, we cover both bases.

Review the packages below and if you’d like to create a web hosting package with us, we’ll sort that out for you.


Today Google really want your website to be secured with an SSL certificate. You may have seen the https in front of website addresses as opposed to just http or just www? This means they are “secure” websites.

See below – this is what your address SHOULD look like in a browser’s address bar

A secure site means that any data a visitor provides via your website is totally encrypted and safe. Whether visitors are buying from you online or simply filling out a standard enquiry form, you/your site should be protecting their data.

Having a fully secure, HTTPS website means installing an SSL certificate on your server. This is normally expensive and is a bit of a pain. With OUR packages, your hosting service comes HTTPS ready with a free and automated SSL certificate.


Great value web hosting for most brochure-ware sites. High uptime and excellent page speed with a FREE SSL certificate

$175 Per Year


Great value hosting for your ecommerce / shopping cart website where more disk space is required. FREE SSL certificate

$240 Per Year