Fixed Price

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Most development companies will quote you an hourly rate along with an “estimated” build time in man hours. That’s great but what the heck does estimated mean and how does a man hour rate compare to a woman hour rate?

Luckily you don’t need to worry about any of this. After working out your job we’ll provide a fixed price proposal that we live and die by. If we underestimated the time it takes, that’s our problem not yours.

Ongoing charges, mystery invoices out of the blue for a five minute job, charging you for some time on the phone..bah, that’s ridiculous. Sure, if you want to change the brief half way through or add something that wasn’t discussed earlier, I’m sure you’ll cop it but only after we make you aware and provide another fixed price for the work.

Ongoing monthly management fees, mystery invoices in the mail, charging for a chat…bah, that’s simply ridiculous. We understand a happy customer sends another 2 and maybe more so rest easy, your budget is safe with us.

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