Mobile Smart

you can display any image as parallax page title background

It’s not enough these days just to have a great looking site on your desktop or laptop computer. With so many people now using mobile devises to access the internet, your website must be the best viewing experience possible from all sorts of devices. All of our websites are as standard Mobile Responsive and Mobile Adaptive.

Mobile Responsive

Simplistically mobile responsive means your website will automatically change configuration when being viewed via a mobile device. No more scrolling back and across or finger expanding an element to see it properly.

Mobile Adaptive

You are in control of what content appears on which device. Sometimes some element simply will not display that great on a smartphone but looks great on tablets or desktops so we get to choose. You may want more elements on a desktop because there’s more screen but on mobile, you want to just show the essential elements. Again, we get to choose.

Future Devices

New smartphones, tablets and other devices are being invented every day. Thanks to our technology and flexible CMS we are ready for Google Glass and whatever comes next.

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